Teeth whitening and Bleaching

Look into the mirror and ask yourself whether you are self consious while laughing, Is your teeth visible while laughing, If yes what colour are they. Are your teeth yellow in colour instead of being white.Then Tooth whitening is the option for you



Look into the mirror and ask yourself whether you are self conscious while laughing. Are your teeth visible while laughing? If yes what colour are they. Are your teeth yellow in colour instead of being white? Then Tooth whitening is the option for you!

Who doesn't want a better smile? Want whiter, brighter teeth? Tooth whitening also called as bleaching is the cure for pale or yellow teeth. Ask a friend about the colour of your teeth. Then ask yourself how often you wish you had whiter teeth. Weigh the answers to these questions before you consider whitening your teeth. Our teeth yellow with age. Coffee, tea, cola drinks, Soya sauce, cigarettes, pan, tobacco, food colouring, etc. will hasten this process. Many parents remark that the milk teeth of their child were whiter than the permanent teeth that have taken their place. This is true. Permanent teeth are yellower than milk teeth, and tend to get darker with age. It is necessary to have a healthy mouth before beginning to whiten your teeth. Bleeding gums, cavities, sensitive teeth, and other conditions must first be treated. The teeth must be cleaned and polished, to ensure that the whitening gel comes into direct contact with the teeth.

Possible side effects include increased sensitivity to cold during the treatment, tongue and lip soreness, and possibly throat irritation. These side effects always resolve in one to three days after completion or interruption of treatment.

It is possible to whiten your teeth in 7 to 14 days. But how much does all this cost? Prices vary substantially, depending on the shade we have to begin with and the time it is likely to take. However, whitening one's teeth has now become more affordable. Expect to pay Rs.2,500/= to Rs.5,000/= for all your teeth.


But is whitening safe? The American Dental Association says that if you are going to get your teeth whitened, you should do so under a dentist's supervision. Dentist-supervised products are applied in a controlled environment and sometimes use a custom-fitted mouthguard to minimize contact between the soft tissues of the mouth and the hydrogen peroxide (the active ingredient found in many of the products). They are considered by many dentists to be safer than over-the-counter, at-home whiteners, which may cause problems that you are unaware of. Over-the-counter, at-home whiteners often can allow more exposure of the mouth tissues to the active whitening agent, a situation dentists warn against
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