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Teeth in an Hour

Modern dentistry should meet all its patients' expectations, consistently. It should offer the most personalized care possible in an environment which is attractive and comfortable. This removes pain from the equation and makes dental treatment a relaxing experience.

Placement of Implants and teeth all in one day with no untoward side effects and instant aesthetic gratification is a possibility today. An amalgamation of computer assisted designing and newer designs in dental Implants work with such exactitude and finesse that patients with no teeth can leave the dental office within the space of a few hours, their dentition back to its former glory. Even more encouraging is the painless and comfortable nature of this advanced treatment concept. Post procedurally the patient is comfortable like never before even when they replace all the missing teeth in both jaws on the same day. Conventionally patients had to wait for 3 to 6 months after placing implants to get their teeth in function. This is not necessary any longer.

Personalized individually, such advanced form of dental implant treatments and smile solutions using the latest technology is provided at very few dental clinics in India. We at Citizen dental Clinic take great pride in providing this latest technology to our patients.

As the first step the patient who has missing teeth goes for a CT scan of he jaws with custom made teeth placed in the mouth. Using a special software we can see a three dimensional image of the patients bone condition. This helps us to precisely plan the position of the implants in the patients' mouth. Once the implant position is determined in the software an email of this data is sent to Sweden where a special guide is made for precisely positioning the implants in the patients jaw. The teeth for the patient are then fabricated using this guide. All this work so far is done without the patient being physically present in the clinic. Now the patient is scheduled for the keyhole surgery to place the implants. At that time, using the special guide all implants are placed precisely which is followed by fixing of teeth on these implants. All this is done in an hour or so.

‘Even when we have performed full mouth replacement of teeth in a patient on the same day with more than 12-15 implants placed, the patient has been comfortable enough the next day to resume their work. As the procedure is done without cutting and peeling the gums the patient does not have any swelling or major discomfort after 24 hours. The main attraction in this procedure is that the patients can get their teeth fixed and treatment completed in the same sitting in about an hour.


But, as with any technological breakthrough, there are certain conditions on using this treatment protocol. The dentist has to follow proper criteria to select cases for such a treatment. Sometimes if the bone quality is not very good it is advisable to place implants and give temporary teeth for a couple of months followed by final teeth.

The time constraints that today's work ethics place on individuals are so demanding that treatments concepts need be equally fast. So many options are available today that suit every patient's individual requirements and treatment plans and can be tailor-made to suit individual demands. With many companies flooding the market with single to multiple implants, "all on four" and full mouth implant, supported fixed teeth are options that must be offered to every patient needing any form of tooth/teeth replacement.

This is a new era in dentistry and its time that we revised the way we look upon our tooth care providers – not as a source of pain but as those of hope and comfort, tooth wise… of course.

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