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Smile Makeover


"A beautiful face more often than not means a beautiful smile. Just imagine the ploy in those days that could launch a thousand ships. Experts even today have been trying to figure out the famous Mona Lisa smile which was painted by the legendry Leonardo da Vinci.

Closer home lets look at our film stars and models. What makes their faces beautiful? It's their beautiful smile, and a beautiful smile means beautiful teeth. If not, then you would never watch a movie again. Your teeth also improve your diction. Even just to pronounce the word 'Teeth' itself, you need proper teeth, without which it would otherwise sound like 'Feef'. Good teeth also improve your personality. How often than not have you seen some one talking with a hand over his face covering his teeth? Now you know what we are talking about.


You only have one chance to make a first impression! A clean, healthy smile is attractive and a sign of self confidence. Now smile the perfect smile, with a little help from us. We at CITIZEN DENTAL CLINIC can take care of all these problems,and achieve the smile you always wanted.

Ask yourself what you would most like to change about your smile. Your smile says a lot about the person you are and it projects your self-image. Do you wish your teeth were a little whiter, shaped differently, not as crowded, or a space wasn’t as prominent? Take another look at your smile and talk to us about how you can improve your appearance by designing the course of treatment that is best for you.

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