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Myth & Reality

Myth - Removal of upper teeth affects vision.

Fact - There is a myth among many people that removal of the upper teeth affects vision. This is a misconception. Vision is not affected in any way by undertaking treatment of the upper teeth including its


Myth - An artificial set of teeth or complete denture that is made once lasts forever.

Fact - While it is true that well fitting dentures are used by the patient for many years, it is a myth that it can be retained forever. The oral tissues that lie below the dentures change over a period of time. But the dentures are made of stiff materials that do not adapt according to the changing contours of the oral tissues. Thus even a well fitting denture may not fit well after a few years. If an ill-fitting denture is continued to be worn, it can cause damage to the underlying tissues. Thus most dentists advice changing of the dentures once in at least 5 years.

Myth - Once a decayed tooth is treated the dental problem is over.

Fact - Dental decay is treated by use of various restorative materials. However the artificial material usually will not completely match the tooth in strength, colour, smoothness and other qualities. In addition if the patient does not maintain good hygiene, decay can start again around restorations. Hence, whenever a tooth is filled or replaced it requires use of additional cleaning methods like flossing, Interdental brushes, etc, in addition to regular tooth brushing. In addition dental check up once a year becomes all the more important when you have a treated tooth.

Myth - Professional cleaning/scaling/removal of tartar loosens the teeth.

Fact -Teeth are held firmly by the supporting tissues of the periodontium including the bone. Bad oral hygiene results in the deposition of tartar/calculus on the tooth surface. These deposits irritate the gums and can cause inflammation and bleeding of the gums. If the tartar is not removed, the gums may recede and the supporting bone around the teeth gets destroyed. The tartar on the teeth thus causes great harm to the supporting tissues of the teeth. However, patients may experience slight mobility of the teeth after tartar is removed as it kind of binds the teeth together. Professional cleaning removes this tartar and arrests further destruction of the supporting bone. Removal of tartar deposits only helps to recover the health of supporting structures. This chain of events does not take place in people who have dental check-ups regularly.

Myth - Dental procedures are always painful .

Fact - Most dental procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia, which makes the procedures totally painless. In addition the modern day high-speed drills cause fewer vibrations and are more comfortable for the patients.

Myth - Dental treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.

Fact - The above notion is not true. Many a times dental treatment is provided even during late pregnancy. Routine dental procedures can be carried out without any fear. However, major surgical procedure may require medical opinion before treatment. Normally Dental X-rays are to be avoided during pregnancy; in case of emergencies we use a special lead apron to help protect the foetus from harmful effects of radiation

Myth - Cleaning the teeth with finger & powder is better than with toothbrush.

Fact - Using a tooth brush with bristles helps to clean plaque and food particles from almost all the surfaces of the teeth. The finger may not reach all the areas as well as a brush does. Hence, it is recommended to use a toothbrush with paste to clean the teeth and freshen up the mouth. Your finger can only be used to massage the gums after brushing is complete.

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