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Dental tourism


Dental costs are soaring in countries like the United States. There are also considerable delays in getting treatment in some western countries due to financial and hospital backlogs of patients waiting for medical procedures. Dental tourism is a concept that is becoming popular day by day in India which is a well-developed in the field of medicine With over 80,000 dentists practicing all over the country, it is no wonder that it is a favorite destination for people from Western countries who come here in droves to avail the cheap and hygienic dentistry facilities, including procedures like dental implants. Apart from cost effectiveness, the other advantages of dental tourism in India are the expertise of the doctors in their respective fields, and the expert post- and pre-operative care provided to patients.

Dental implants are artificial roots of teeth that are used to attach artificial teeth to the gums. The dental implants are the latest in dental cosmetic procedures, as they feel natural and are the best way to replace damaged teeth. The dental implants do not affect the adjacent teeth. Dental implants surgery in India is provided at Citizen Dental Clinic.


Having perfected the art of hospitality, Citizen Dental Clinic invites you to a well-advanced treatment in India. We are equipped with the most modern equipments, technologies and facilities which are at par with the western countries and have a team of highly dedicated consultants who can make your visit to our dental clinic a fruitful one. We can tailor packages to suit your preferences and budgets. We believe in paying attention to the finest details, to make your stay a memorable one.
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