Broken Tooth

A tooth can break due to any of these reasons:- Automobile accidents, Bicycle falls, Sports injuries,Chewing hard items.The factor that causes a tooth to fracture is also likely to damage the pulp of the tooth. A severe blow can even cause death of the pulp. There may be no pain in the tooth at this time, although most fractures are painful. The first visible sign of serious damage may be dis- coloration of the tooth involved in the injury. The first consideration when you fracture a tooth is to determine if the pulp is damaged. In case the pulp is damaged, the tooth can be saved by root-canal treatment, followed by cosmetic restoration.A damaged or a broken tooth can be saved and repaired to look and feel like the original. There are several options available. The choice of treat -ment depends on the amount of damage. A small chip off the biting edge of the tooth can be easily repaired by bonding some composite resin to fill the defect. However, if more of the tooth has been fractured away, a ceramic veneer or crown may be necessary to ensure long-term success.


Cosmetic Contouring is done when the chip is very small. The rough edges are rounded and polished. This procedure can change the size of a the tooth, and hence is limited to very small fractures, or areas not visible when talking and smiling.

Bonding has revolutionized the process of repairing broken teeth. Now a new contour can be re-created simply by applying moldable resin to the remaining structure. It can be achieved quickly, but may need to be repeated every 2-3 years due to staining and wear of the material. It can serve as a long-term temporary solution, particularly for young people.

Veneers are an ideal form of restoration for a fractured tooth that still has a fair amount of structure remaining. They are long lasting, aesthetic, and require minimal tooth reduction.
Crowns are the last resort for a tooth that does not have sufficient structure remaining for a veneer to bond to. A crown needs tooth reduction, as the restoration will cover the entire tooth

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