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Brite smile

If you want great results , choose the best whitening treament available. Our patened blue light and proprietary whitening el have been clinicallyproven to safely whiten your teeth by as much as 15 shades in about one hour. In fact , In fact our superior technology makes Bright Smile , the fastet, easiest and most eective way to look and feel fantastic .


Now you can potect and maintained your ew smile with Brightsmile's
line of home care products.This complete line of whitening products can help you keep your smile as white as they can be It includes :

  • Professional whitening Toohpast with Calprox.
  • Crystal clear Alcohole Free Mouth Rinse.
  • Professional Sugar free Whitening Gum
  • Brightsmile / Sonicare Electronic Toothbrush.
Products are available onle at dental clinics that offer the Brightsmile
Professional Whitening procedure.
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